Reconditioning Bowls

Test, Stamp, Smooth and Polish – $85
Your bowls will go through a strict process
Test – Check for correct bias, if required corrections will be performed to comply with World Bowls Regulations
Stamp – The bowls will be stamped with the current bowls stamp (averages 9 seasons in advance)
Smooth and Polish – The Bowls will be given a manufacturers Smooth and Polish leaving the factory at its best possible finish.
Your bowls will leave with a certificate of pass and registered with World Bowls
All you need to do is drop off your bowls, or send them in and we will take care of the process.
Please allow 3 weeks for the process

Correction of Bias $44
A correction of bias can be performed on your set if you require

Paint Service
Remove Paint , Recolour Eng & Rings $47
Correction of Bias $44
Recolour Outer and Inner Beads $59
Recolour all Beads $65
Smooth and Polish Only $50

Repair Chips $33 +
Chips can be refilled but are required to be of a minimum depth.
Very fine chips will not be refilled as they will not have enough depth to bond. All 4 bowls will be required.

A correction of bias can also be performed on your set if you require